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Exclusive Noise Research tracks on Eletronic Musik

Noise Research has two exclusive new tracks on the latest compilation from Electronic Musik.

Prometheus is a 17 minute soundscape inspired by the forthcoming Ridley Scott Film of the same name.

Inhaler Drunk is a collaboration with 'Cher on Acid' aka Manchester based artist Fiona Ledgard.

You can download the whole compilation for free here

‘THE SHARD’ from David Anthony Sant on Vimeo.

I have just completed the soundtrack to another one of David Anthony Sant’s short films (September 2011).

Western Europe’s tallest building The Shard is the reoccurring image that appears throughout this experimental film. The footage was shot during Easter 2011. The Shard had not yet become the crystalline beacon of the “London Quarter” it is proclaimed to be. This exposed carcass hemmed in by the wide expanse of council housing that fills the London Borough of Southwark was redefining the London skyline for the people who live south of it. The construction of the Shard is a timeless reminder of how the power of some will always make their presence felt when and where they choose.

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